Gear List for Catskill Fishing

For Trout, Small-mouthed Bass, and Landlocked Salmon

8-, 8.5-, 9-foot rod for 4, 5, or 6 weight line,
Reel: have one with capacity for 75+ yards backing
Lines: Floating, Double taper or Weight forward for dries and general use: Extra spool with Sink tip or Intermediate for deeper waters.
Leaders: 9 foot-5x, 6x for dries; 7.5 foot -0x, -3x for streamers
Tippet spools: 0x-7x
In small streams and headwaters you may use 7 and 8 foot for 3 weight and lighter.

For Shad

The above rod lengths work and you can use 7 foot lengths. Reel should hold 75+ yards backing.

Waders: Chest-high breathables with felt bottoms on the boots are required. Neoprenes are okay for early or late in the season.

Wading Staff: Strongly recommended. Folding type is most convenient.

Landing Net: Treats fish kindly, soft mesh catch and release type is most merciful.

Also Recommended: Clippers, Hemostat, Floatant, Non-lead shot, Flashilight,

Water Bottle: A Must!

Hiking Boots, and Knapsack: Needed for hikes such as Code Emerald.

Foul Weather Gear: Waterproof breathable shell, separate fleece or wool pullovers for layering.

Under Layers: In all seasons always have extra thermal under layers. Use synthetics during cool seasons and in addition bring cottons only in hot weather. Extra socks and underwear is a must. Fleece tops and bottoms are the best choice. Tail Waters are Very Cold!!!

Polaroid Sunglasses: Light brown are my choice

Bug and Sunscreen of 30+ SPF combos or separates

Medications: Please inform me of any allergies or special medical needs.

Your comfort and safety is of the utmost importance to me!

A valid New York State License must be on your person at all times! New York City Reservoir Territory such as Code Emerald requires a free NYC DEP fishing permit.

A license and a permit can be obtained ahead of time.
In person in NYC at Urban Angler, 118 E.25th Street, 212-979-7600 or 800-255-5488.

All Reservoir permits issued before 9/11 are invalid and must be replaced.To obtain a NYC DEP Permit, you now must mail in your application with a desired pick up location where you must appear in person to receive this free permit. After your application is received by mail, expect a minimum 3 week waiting period. After the waiting period you will be informed by postcard where and when to pick up your permit. Bring the card and all requested ID to the location. For your convenience you may download the application from their website the permits are good for 5 years.

NYS License by mail: call 518-457-8862 and have a credit card and drivers license ready.

The NYC DEP permit can be obtained in NYC at 1250 Broadway, 8th floor. M_F.
Call 212-643-172 for hours and other locations.