Judd Weisberg

As a New York State Licensed Fly Fishing Guide And Instructor Judd shares his life-long passion for fly-fishing. He instructs stream-side and from boats on the waters of the Catskills, bringing people closer to the exquisite secret world of the wild trout. Judd creates flies, rods, and nets for each situation where he fishes locally and world-wide. As a member of the International Game Fish Association, The American Museum of Fly Fishing, The Catskill Fly Fishing Museum, The Delaware River Foundation, Trout Unlimited, and The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. Judd joins forces with all those who believe in protecting and enhancing habitat for wild creatures.

The River Spirit lives and speaks to Judd Weisberg from every raindrop, waterfall, pond, lake, stream, ocean, and sea and guides every aspect of his life.