The Fishing Year

Late March

March is for anglers truly determined to get on the water first! We can float the NY/PA border waters of the West Branch and Main-stem of the Delaware, conditions permitting, and wake up the sleepy river spirit.


Tiny black caddis, midges, and early brown and black stones, nymphing and tossing streamers such as "Take No Prisoners" can be productive for Trout. By the latter part of the month, blue quills, Quill Gordon, and Hendrickson are possible. The Shad enter the lower Delaware and begin their migration. This is a great time to fish the Schoharie and Tribs, Esopus Creek, and other mystery waters.


The legendary procession of hatches of may flies, stones, and caddis fill the calendar. The American Shad (Delaware Tarpon) can be pursued as they continue to journey upstream and spawn in late May. When they complete spawning they feed on dries such as light Cahills and Sulphurs or whatever is available. Landlocked Salmon can be pursued in "Code Emerald." Giant Nesting Small-mouthed Bass are available.


Sulphurs, Cahills, Olives, Isos, Green and Brown Drakes abound along with some Terrestrials. We may plan a Striper trip this season, please inquire.


Early and late fishing will reward the determined angler. If it rains, drop everything and come on up! With release, we can get some wonderful fishing with Sulphurs and BWOs, tiny midges and Terrestrials. It's a great time for Small and Large-mouth fishing as well.


Tiny olives and Tricos start to appear. Terrestrials and again early and late fishing is the rule unless it rains. See above.

September and October

Olives and Isos in the Catskills. We usually fish the Cape and the Vineyard for Stripers, Albies, and Bonito.